Terrace LIVE @ E-Troit, Eindhoven 2008

E-Troit was a techno music festival held in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. It served as a tribute to Detroit, a city many people there feel connected to musically. To underline this connection, the organizer Dommelvallei put together a great line-up for the day! The first edition took place on August 23rd, 2008 at the city hall square during the day. But after that the party was not over yet: a similar themed after party was held at the nearby Club Rembrandt. I was so lucky to be present and perform at the after party. After many years, I found the live set recording that was made of my show. It was rechecked and now available for listening and download. Although it may not be the best quality ever, it brought back many memories. At the time I was using Ableton Live only and the set contains many tracks released around that time and many older works as well. Check the Soundcloud link here for both options) Enjoy!

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