Stefan Robbers Live @ Arts Birthday 2006

Electronic music wizard Stefan Robbers worked live from the MCO building in Hilversum, NL, on the night of 17-1-2006 from 20.00-0.00 in a 4 hour live broadcast by satellite uplink from 4 internet and 2 satellite live streams, playing an experimental DJ set combining harmonies and impossibilities. The resulting mix was streamed live via Café Sonore, on VPRO radio and was audible in various countries through the satellite uplink. The 1 Hour remix of this project was broadcast 2 weeks later and is now available as a free download via our soundcloud page, and can be streamed and listened to here.

Arts birthday is a yearly returning festivity, celebrated worldwide. More information here:
Art’s Birthday site

2006 | TransDadaExpress | The 90th Anniversary of Dada

On February 5, 1916, Cabaret Voltaire 8 opened in Zurich. It became a birthplace of DADA and so of Ars Acustica as well. During the First World War which destroyed lives and social values, artists and writers from different countries met in Zurich and created the first multilingual Avantgarde movement, which worked by international networking. Dadaism was an international movement from its very beginnings and spread across the world building centres and epicentres by creating events in New York, Paris, Geneva, Berlin, Barcelona, Cologne, Hannover, Zagreb, Holland, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Russia, Rumania, Hungary, Italy, and South America. Richard Huelsenbeck, one of DADA’s founding members, noted: “The word Dada in itself indicates the internationalism of the movement which is bound to no frontiers, religions or professions.”

This night was organized in collaboration with concertzender Nederland:
Concertzender Nederland

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