Studio Session: Modular Melodies


Gearjunkiers Studio Session: Playing a melodic patch with Behringer System 100m modules, Behringer Neutron, Ornament & crime and Happy nerding modules.

Sometimes we just feel like jamming. Building patches, playing synths and programming drum machines is inspiring and leads to new musical creations eventually. This series is without words, just press play and and watch the sounds develop (or not..)

I completed my Behringer System 100m modules collection a few months ago and installed them in a Behringer 2x140hp Eurorack space. I also have a Behringer Neutron, the sound of which complements the 100m sounds very well. So I got a new overlay and knobs and added it to the rack. There was still some space left, so I looked for suitable modules to fit in there. I ended up with these three:

* quantizing: I got small format (6HP) Ornament & Crime module that provides 4 quantizers, but in addition it can create all kinds of melodic sequences, can do modulation, etc etc. Since the Behringer 182 sequencer is not quantized, this was an excellent choice to make the patches made with this system more musical. In this patch, the O&C runs the ‘Copiermaschine’ program to emulate an analog shift register to create four related note cv’s.

* Effects: The Neutron has a built-in analog delay, but I wanted to have more choice of effects. The Happy Nerding fx-aid provides a lot of beautiful sounding effect algorithms in a 4hp space, and it is stereo too. So it complements the 4- channel 305 mixer/panner very well.

* Dual xfade, also by Happy Nerding: this 4hp module can mix up to 4 signals in 2 separate panning crossfaders adding to the stereo effects. With so many sound sources in this rack this is very handy and gives additional spatial results.

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