Wladimir M. founded Eevo Lute Muzique together with his friend Stefan Robbers. He was sometimes described as the conscience of the label and its artists, something he expressed in poems, lyrics and art. Together with music producer Stefan Robbers he created this and many other electronic compositions, where the influence of great minds is taken into a new, unexplainable direction.

Nowadays Wladimir is an active visual artist and creates urban street art on locations you wouldn’t expect. In 2001 he stayed on the streets of his beloved hometown Eindhoven for the better part of the summer and shot a 30 minute documentary with lots of highways, train tracks and industrial concrete, accompanied by a driving techno sound. Wladimir is now fantasizing about a sequel tho this project amongst many new endeavours. But before that he might make some new Tricky style music; crazy beats and strange noises with soft-spoken dutch words about responsibility and fatherhood.

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