Sierra Romeo

Stefan Robbers also records experimental music under the name Sierra Romeo. In the early 21st century his music was released on the [FWD: label, a subsidiary of Eevo Lute Muzique. Over the last years, having the urge to have a more hands-on experience, and enjoy the outcome of coincidental musical harmony, Stefan reverted back to using more hardware music equipment and came up with the idea to have a more dubby approach of creating music. When he discovered the power of modular systems, he included a Eurorack Modular synthesizer for both his studio and live performances.

To spread the word about his music, Stefan has developed an inspiring solo live set that he brings under his artist name Sierra Romeo. This varied musical performance kicks off in a melodic vein and gradually evolves into a total electronic music experience. The live set brings the audience an ever changing, partly improvised musical experience ranging from soundscapes to dub-style beats, chords and melodies. Based on live dubbing and lush adaptations of studio tracks in combination with improvised rhythms and melodies from the modular synthesizer system.



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