[FWD: was an outlet for musical productions with the keywords artistic quality, abstractionism, emotion, warmth and originality. The releases balanced on the border of the electronic and acoustic music fields, sometimes crossing it, sometimes bridging those two worlds. The main focus of each release was to grasp the listeners attention with soundscapes, melodies and percussion unique to the artist. Artists representing their own view on the music for the next millenium. Releases on Vinyl format and online through the internet. Label policy of artist and track selection was defined by originality, individual style and sound quality of the material presented. The label existed from 1999  till 2004 and brought forth five releases.

[FWD: Releases

FWD9901 – Arovane – Plnt

FWD2001 – Sierra Romeo – Nevel

FWD2002 – Accelera Deck – Disquieting

FWD2003 – Sierra Romeo – Distbra

FWD2101 – Saint 13 – Saint 13

Currently these are not available online.

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