Eevo Lute Muzique – EevoNext Recordings

Eevo Lute Muzique was a record label, founded by Stefan Robbers and Wladimir Manshanden in 1992 and running until 2014.  It specialized in releasing abstract and modern electronic music in its broadest form. The label has brought forth over 40 releases during over the years. And follow-up EevoNext Recordings was a fully digital web label emerging from the fundaments of Eevo Lute Muzique, one of the most influential techno labels from the Netherlands. It was operated by Stefan Robbers and Esther Roozendaal from 2006 till 2014 and had over 50 releases on digital, vinyl and cd formats. A selection of the releases can be found on this web site and in the shop on Bandcamp. Please check Discogs for a full discography.



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