The Heisenberg Compensators


The Heisenberg Compensators are two electronic music producers and instrumentalists from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Consisting of Stefan Robbers, who released electronic music in it’s broadest form on various record labels for many years, including his imprint Eevo Lute Muzique and Allard Krijger, composer and multi- instrumentalist, affiliated with the COM foundation.

They create ambient/postrock/shoegaze/chillout songs using mostly analog hardware, modular synthesizers, acoustic and sometimes exotic instruments. As they feel strongly about a musical concept, they take one song/direction as inspiration for a complete conceptual album to be composed and recorded in the studio, and played live. Their current live set evolves on this concept using guitars, effect pedals, analog synthesizers and drums, and modular synthesis. It involves improvisation, where the continuous friction and energy between synths and guitars is being exploited and transformed in massive walls of sound, ambience and occasional beats and loops. Special collaborations projects involving visual artists and multi-speaker sound setups brought them to renowned festivals like STRP (multi-media art) and Glow (light festival) where they worked with visual artist Kurt Laurenz Theinert. They are always interested in improvisational or planned collaborations for art installations, multi-media, visuals and exhibitions.

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