The Heisenberg Compensators – The adventures of Werner and Random

October 1, 2016
The Heisenberg Compensators
Groove Unlimited
Producer: Stefan Robbers, Allard Krijger
Number of discs: 1

After the collaboration between Terrace and FRAKnoise during Glow Eindhoven 2012 slowly the idea emerged to make this more permanent. When both Allard Krijger (FRAKnoise) and Stefan Robbers (Eevolute, Terrace) got infected with the modular virus Stefan came up with the idea to make ambient music. So at first it was this: two modular set-ups bleeping happily together side by side. But soon Allard started to bring other stuff to the well equipped Eevolute studio, leaving his modest modular rack at home. In his grey suitcase Allard would put something that would function as a starting point for the track they where going to make that day. Could be anything: a Casio keyboard, a mandolin, some effect pedals, a strange noise box, an omnichord, etc.

This was how their first ‘album’ was conceived. It was an exploration of what they could do together, combining their different approach to music and combining the gear. This album is never released, and will never be released as such. It is a blueprint for the albums The Heisenberg Compensators are going to make, each track of the Blueprint Album is a concept for its own album.
This album ‘the Adventures of Werner and Random’ is based on a track from this Blueprint Album where guitar was involved, embedded in synthy drums and pads. So on ‘The Adventures of Werner and Random’ Stefan is playing his modular synths and some other stuff and drumcomputers, and Allard is playing guitars, loopers and fx.

The Heisenberg Compensators’ name is a reference to the work of Werner Karl Heisenberg (1901- 1976), who is known for his work on the uncertainty principle. Chaos.

The Heisenberg Compensators organize chaos in their music. This can be done at several levels. Sometimes quite literal with random generators, sometime in the energy going back and forth between Allard and Stefan.

Of course the Heisenberg Compensator is also a premium component of the transporters on federation star ships.

Stefan Robbers
A//ard Krijger
Augustus 2016

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