Terrace – Mingle & Blend EP

February 23, 2012
EevoNext Recordings
Producer: Stefan Robbers
Number of discs: 1

The title of this 4-track EP is derived from a remark a friend made after listening to Mis-melodya. He called it a combination of electronics, dance and jazz put through a blender, resulting in a mixture that sometimes surprises, sometimes makes you smile, and sometimes even is an acquired taste. Mis-melodya took 1,4 years of shaping, putting back in the closet, opening again, closing again and finally with the addition of some live instruments, it was complete. In Etalage, the melody reminded me of the Showroom Dummies track by great pioneers Kraftwerk hence it’s name was born. Estroe took the parts and blended them nicely into her own great interpretation. And in haunted machines some parts seem to lag, others seem to run ahead until I finally accepted that this was inevitable…the tracks seems haunted and no fix for that.

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