Terrace – Konnekt

July 1, 1996
Eevo Lute Muzique
Producer: Stefan Robbers
Number of discs: 1

There can’t be many people who have made more excellent releases than Stefan Robbers and this album has some perfectly crafted tracks. From the layered complex drum patterns of Inspiria, to the dreamy armchair journey of Into Deep Space and to the driving, almost clubby The Scream, this album has it all for the discerning listener. A little stab at the rave scene in The Scream is provided by the lyric “One day you will be half-dead begging for a decent meal – if only you had listened instead of dancing like an imbecil (sic)”. Very pointed Stefan – but some of us always listened to your music! If you like well-made tech-house, make sure you have this.

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