Florence – Occurrences

July 1, 1997
New Electronica
Producer: Stefan Robbers
Number of discs: 1

Released during the 90’s around the same time when classic quality Idm-techno/ambient albums: Black Dog ‘Bytes’, Aphex Twin ‘Selected Ambient Works 85-92’, B12 ‘Electro Soma’, Speedy J ‘Ginger’, Reload ‘A collection of short stories’..etc; were released – ‘Occurrence’ sadly got lost amongst the onslaught of quality electronic albums from the 90’s! A excellent fusion of European/Detroit influenced 90’s techno with drum-melodic characteristics of Idm, along with ambient flourishes and some cool intelligent use of techno-breakbeat,delivering a creative post-modern si-fi listen with a solid electronic/techno foundation that keeps this album interesting throughout without failure. This is a sort of album that would not be out of place from Warp’s own classi Artifical Intelligence series – you can certainly relate to the AI feel and sound onthis album. Today (2018+) `Occcurance’ remains a great album with music that will manage to stimulate the mind, the soul & the body while complementing everything good about techno without depending on repetition or harshness in its sound.. This is quality techno in every sense that should be placed along with classic known techno albums that were ahead of there time but still remain a joy to listen today.

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