Behringer K2 and Korg MS 20 comparison and jam session

We acquired a Behringer K-2 through Bax Music. In this video, Stefan describes all the features of The K-2, and shows the difference between the Behringer version and an original Korg MS-20. Links Thanks to Bax Music for lending the Behringer K-2 to us:

So what do we think of the Behringer K-2? It is very nice and powerful little synth, with solid sounding oscillators, and tight envelopes. Compared to the MS20, there are big differences in filter character, which make the K-2 sound a bit tame compared to the original. The envelopes have some differences too, but can be dialled in for a close match. Both share the same gnarly low end and of course the many patching options give it a lot of extra sound possibilities. I wish they had made a switch on it or some conversion options to make it compatible with the eurorack standard, but of course there are solutions for that with external modules.


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