BAMTV Roland TR 808 calibration and tuning

In this video we show you how to adjust some settings of the Roland TR-808:

1. Noise level. This affects the snare, clap and toms and gives a ‘reverb-like’ tail if set too long.
2. Clap offset. Subject to preference, the clap can have a loud or soft transient.
3. Cowbell tuning to original values.

A further explanation on the scope readings for the cowbell tuning: the scope was set to 0,2V/division. You hear me counting the cycle length and mention the number 9,8. This means at 0,2ms/division that the duty cycle is 9,8*0,2 = 1,96 ms.

You can find the adjustment value sheet and location diagram here: (TR-808 adjustment sheet) (TR-808 trimpot locations) (TR-808 service notes)

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